A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

Zar's Jounral Excerpts

(These were written on a Diaryland.com blog in 2002. The entries have been edited for relevent content.)

the guy on the bus
"Da only bad thin is that when we were waitin fer da bus this creepy guy showed up. We told him he looked like Bill Gates, and he said he WAS Bill Gates.

Anyway, this guy comes over ta me and reaches out fer my chest. I'm used ta this, cause I wear necklaces and stuff. but I mean, he went straight fer my ID card. It was weird. Most peeps pick up da whole bunch of em, but he went right fer my ID. This guy was really creepy, I mean, he snuffled while he talked and was just weird. He asked me where Alfred was, cause it didn't have da address on my ID. I said I didn't know.

I didn't want him near me anymore after that. So I jumped on a nearby ledge and hung behind da others.

He sat between Hojo and Jen and was generally all around creepy. Soshi eventually told him ta go away. He moved off a few feet and didn't talk ta us anymore. We all felt really uneasy. He went on da same bus as us too, and sat behind us. He made weird gruntin noises.

We tried ta freak him out by talkin about diseases we had and stuff like that. We planned it out so that Hojo would get out a stop before us, and then we'd say we "missed our stop" and get off later on. We did it, and sure enough, da guy got off at da next stop right after we said we missed it. Creepy, huh?

Jenova said that guy was a demon, or an evil spirit, embodied inta a human."

jen said, jen said, jen said...
"Jen said that somethin was buildin, some kinda attack was comin fer us. Fer all of us. We needed ta be ready. That was da reason da storm had showed up.

I ferget which night it was...I think it was Sunday night that we tried ta contact da spirit of da storm that was comin out fer us through a makeshift ouija board. Amae showed up of course, but eventually we got in contact and stuff with this vampire named Jugular. We really couldn't take him seriously."

bad mojo
"Then we all suddenly passed out. I mean, we all fell asleep really quickly. THAT was weird. While I was sleepin I felt or remember someone passin a staff over me, and I felt all tingly and stuff. I dunno why. It was really creepy. I also felt this kinda sense of...somethin else there. Kinda oppressive. It creeped me out. OH YEAH and when I put Kitty on my chest, she looked REALLY angry. I was really confused, I've never seen her look like that before. She looked really upset. I hugged her, and she went back ta normal, but it kinda freaked me out. I never saw her do that before."

missed the bus again
"Anyway, we went ta da Bus Station and put out stuff in da lockers on Monday, includin my backpack with Kitty in it, and we walked around fer a bit before findin out that our bus was late, and we'd hafta stay another night. And da bus station closed before I could get my backpack! Weirdest part - Hojo swore on everythin that there was absolutely no reason it should be closed, not ta mention all da lights inside were on.

Most of da time I'm fine without Kitty fer those few nights I ferget her. I mean, I don't pine or worry fer her, I know she'll be fine and I'll live.

THIS time, I felt really, really anxious. I couldn't stop talkin about her, which I guess kinda bothered everyone else. Or at least confused em. I felt extremely worried about her, and I wanted her back really badly. I don't usually feel that worried, which was weird."

you can't sleep with that! it's magic!
"I couldn't sleep without somethin, so I asked Jen if I could borrow one. She lent me Cait Sith, but then said it was a magical item and lent me a small, black and white cat instead."

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