A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

This is a letter recieved from a source who wants to remain anonymous.

( 1999-2003 recounting events )

My cousin had joined this site called FF.Shrine.net I believe, not to certain. But there were a group of people that he had begun to communicate with. There were many people on the site that had forms of GIF sprites. Easy to get along because everyone thought that they were there just to have casual discussions about their favorable FF games. He had chosen Final Fantasy 7. This is when he ran into two "interesting" people, Jen0va and Hojo.

Jen, as I've come to track her down as, was known for manipulation. Hojo-was all the bit more laid back. My cousin would explain to me how he wanted me on this site because these were the two most interesting people he had ever met. And what struck me interesting was that after reading everyones post about needing a "Zack" that's what they proclaimed me before meeting me, which with a fortunate turn of events my internet denied me access to the site. My cousin said "fuck it, it doesn't matter anyway, I guess my friends aren't good enough for you" I told him my connection had failed and my IP was "blocked"

He shrugged it off, luckily he was able to pull out easily. His brother and myself were the no-non-sense kind-of-guys. We began to read the IM's and messages from Jen0va. I, for being around an ex-paranormal/satanist/cult owner, and his stories about how he was dragged in and pronounced leader found these most interesting, I didn't have the ability nor the close contact with my cousin to apply any counter measures-I gave the ideas to his older brother and he applied them for me. After a while, it had been like he had awoken from a trance, as if the entire situation was an out of body experience and he was locked into some shit coma.

I remember asking him about it later...

He says that he couldn't remember a bit of it.

The second person is my own brother, for him, I'm glad that he was young and us being orphans and our traveling controlled by the government and our foster parents. We were restricted to only being able to stay out in the neighborhood from whence we got back from school till 8 PM. My brother, this was the second time I heard of it, was known as "zack" in school. A striking resemblance and he was always hanging out with what people called "gaming nerds" or just "nerds"

So how should he feel when a complete stranger who is mentally abusive and hallucinative but to a point knowing what she is doing-actually, i believe the entire time she knows what she does ( Jen ) she began to attack my brother psychologically.

The first words she told him were something about being like Zack. This is from the few facts and few over shoulder conversations I have been able to read. It will be a bit sketchy. So forgive me.

He began talking about magic, how magic was all around us and contained in items. He began saying that he had to go on a journey and begun saying that "she is waiting for me" I hadn't realized just how deep he had gotten himself into it.

My brother suffers from 'retardation' not as severe. I like to say he's just gullible but that's not the case. He really believes the crock bullshit he is fed by these bitches. Not to mention is sexual desires had jumped a great amount. He was a virtual fucking machine- fucked every female/male that would let him.

I thought it was just hormones.

He tried to run away, but I caught up with him just in time. I believe that night he was just trying to get away from home so that he could collect some money and head on his "journey"

We had a fight there. He said "it's what she would have wanted" and I asked him who? and we were both arrested. After I explained the situation to the police and they couldn't produce anything about what had happened, I remember coming back home. My brother had been locked up for the week, request of the orphanage. I got a phone call late at night a few years later-

A woman, she asked "Zack?"

and I said "Who the hell is Zack"

and she hung up. The phone call was anonymous and I wasn't able to trace it. My cousin called me in the morning, an ironic turn of events and asked me to forgive him for what had happened. I told him it wasn't a problem. Then I asked him "Do you know what Zack is..? Someone called asking for Zack yesterday night.."

and he said that someone by the name Jen0va had asked him the same thing. That's when it clicked and I was given the link to your site by my cousin's older brother. He told me that the tracking that I've been doing and the tracking he's been doing has led to these pages.

At this moment, my brother is still recovering despite this being something of the past. As I said, he suffers from retardation and everything Jen and Hojo have said to him and done to him, unfortunately, they're very real to him. His imagination has caused him to have several bouts of depression. They've given him schizophrenia level medication to combat it. At first it was intramuscularly. For a quick effect- now he's deduced to taking neuroleptics of sorts. Fortunetely he's recovering. ^_________^

Lastly, Thank you. Thank you for posting a warning and the effects. These accounts on my end, are again, sketchy but they're factual. They are from a third hand view and not any kind of direct contact. Besides the phone call. I've never talked to nor heard from them myself. I appreciate it a lot what you've done.

Thank you again. I don't mind if you post this up- Just keep me anonymous. ^^ Have a g'day and a great life.

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