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You Are Not, You Never Were ([info]echthros) wrote in [info]otherkin,
@ 2005-07-16 10:59:00

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Scientologist Elves
Just following a train of thought last night and thought I'd get some feedback from other people (particularly those who might be more familiar with the Elenari than me, I'm mostly working from the FAQ on www.elenari.net you see.)

I'm sure y'all have been at least passingly familiar with Scientology since Tom Cruise started ranting about his massive knowledge of psychology, yes?

So I connected a few dots. According to Scientologists, there is an evil tyrannical force taking over the universe. It's lead by someone named Xenu. In the experience of Elenari, the evil, tyrannical Corruption is taking over the univese using a race called the Vor'jen.

In Scientology, the intelligent life originally came from other worlds in space. Elenari refer to their Homeworlds, other planets where they were major or dominant life forms, and where they were attacked and driven away by the Corruption.

Scientologists relate how those intelligent lives were captured by Xenu and transported here, where they were fragmented and trapped in the incarnation cycle of this planet.

Most Elenari incarnated here seem to have have only fragmentary memory recall.

So... how about this:
The Corruption, lead by Xenu and his Vor'jen warriors, races through Elenari Homeworld after Homeworld, capturing the souls of elves as it goes. Finally, the battered remains of the race travel through a wormhole/portal and end up on Earth, where they are cornered by the Vor'jen and their souls are shattered into fragments. These fragments attach themselves to humans or prehumans, eventually falling into the human reincarnation pattern. As Elenari awaken, they bring the fragments of Elenari lives into their "human" souls, accepting the memories and sensations they carry, as well as the broken but visceral fear of that which chased them. In the humans around them they recognize the broken pieces, too small or shattered to awaken, and instead of seeing sick brothers, they instinctively recoil from the damage of Xenu and his Corruption. Meanwhile, the Scientologists are attempting to remove the Elenari and their fragmented racial memories from their own souls to eliminate the confusion and instability they can bring.

(Obligatory disclaimer: I am not saying this is Right, or True, or that I am Teh Master of Elenari Knowledge. It's just a thought.)

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2005-07-16 16:41 (link)
Makes me glad I'm a native.

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2005-07-16 17:33 (link)
who came up with scientology and can I ever invent a new religion? I thik I can. i mean I can come up with a tale like that. its in the works really it is, and thrice as confussiing as what I jsut read.

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2005-07-16 20:07 (link)
L. Ron Hubbard, the sci-fi author behind Battlefield Earth.

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2005-07-16 20:23 (link)
its just so strange to me, a sci-fi writer coming up with a realgion. it makes me want to write again (see Nyathea on LJ)

(Reply to this)(Parent) (Thread)

2005-07-16 20:39 (link)
Yo... read the link I posted... then you'll see why. ;)

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2005-07-16 18:18 (link)
It's a genuinely interesting thought. :)

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2005-07-16 20:32 (link)
Yaknow... scientology and dianetics seems to be one of the more hokey religions out there...


He may not have done the bet with Heinlein, but there seems to be some pretty good evidence that he created the religion to make money. ...

I dunno... because of that, scientology seems like a load of BS to me...

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2005-07-16 20:55 (link)
considering you have to give them money or you're kicked out of their church, and if you get kicked out and die without rejoining you're apparently going to hell, I do agree with this comment.

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2005-07-16 21:33 (link)
I never said I believed in Scientology. =P

(Reply to this)(Parent) (Thread)

2005-07-16 22:03 (link)
I dunno... your post implied that they were Getting Some Belief Right...

(Reply to this)(Parent) (Thread)

2005-07-16 22:06 (link)
I thought the similarities were interesting.

I'm not sure I entirely believe the Elenari either, but it's possible they're both picking up on something without either being right.

After all, evangelical Christians grew out of "turn the other cheek" and "love your neighbor as yourself". I don't believe in evangelical Christianity, but I think "love your neighbor" is a pretty good idea.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2005-07-16 23:41 (link)
i heard on the radio another celerbity talking about her scientolgy and how those aliens are here and causiong problems. or 'we need to fight the bad aliens".

I'm all "gee I'd have to be 'star seeds" or what ever those "alien-kin" are called".

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2005-07-17 00:08 (link)
Okay, not that I'm an Elenari (to my knowledge), but there's a few important problems with your argument.

1) The majority of Elenari - or of otherkin, for that matter - believe that they are elves or dragons or whatever, rather than that they have elvish or dragon souls or personalities attached to them somehow. I understand the situation is somewhat different for multiples, which may be a source of confusion for you.

2) The idea of a dark force taking over the universe is nothing new. It appears in all kinds of fiction - hell, even in Dragonball Z.


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2005-07-17 00:12 (link)
I like your third point the best. :)

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2005-07-17 00:19 (link)
1) Yeah. But they could be wrong. I mean, really, how do you know your soul at the moment is in the same condition it always has been?

2) Yeah, but it's surprisingly uncommon in mythology. Scientological myth has a rather gnostic bent, but while most mythologies I've looked at have interesting eschatological stories, they usually don't involve dark forces taking over the universe. Even the Christians say God will triumph no matter what, though Satan's not entirely unlike the Corruption...

3) The fact that you're not a cult is a problem? =P

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2005-07-17 00:08 (link)
Please visit http://www.xenu.net/ and get the real skinny on the cult. I can also send you more anti- Scientology pages if you like.

Now, the Corruption is something I remember, one of the things more than othere- at least things that happened because of it. It seems that the C was never a person as such, more like a forse or something.

I know very little about the Elenari.

I wonder if the L. Ron the fat spycho was in with the Corruption...

Yes, I have a thing about Scientology. Study it enough and you will see they bilk people out of money, brainwash them, are the most latigous scum of the Earth and go after their critics in criminal ways.

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2005-07-17 01:14 (link)
this all makes about as much sence as the Mormons!

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2005-07-17 03:24 (link)

I don't know too much about scientology, but this just confuses me. Sorry. *Naive*

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2005-07-18 23:58 (link)
I'm afraid I must reject you totally.

(Well, the comparison anyway.)

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