A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

Reno's Commentary

(Reno was another person jen and hojo attempted to cozy up to, but because of being reculsive and money concious, he managed to dodge out of the way. Here's his experiences, and memories related to them.)

well, i finally got around to looking at the site about hojo and jen and figured... i should add my experience. you're a little off on the mire/mellon page with my dealings, so here you go. i'm not taking your side, i'm not taking theirs, just reporting.

i run ALT, blah blah. you know that i never really caught on well, more of a cult-thing. but really, as far as anything goes, i ignore the rest of the fandom anyway. i hate the wankers. with passion. beside the point.

someone IM'd me one day and was an ALT fan. well, shit. i don't get much fan feedback. i spoke with them and they said the main reason for the thing was because they'd never seen a hojo fansite before ALT's 'mental overload.' naturally this perplexed me, surely they'd seen hojo.org. i said this to them. they laughed and explain that they ran hojo.org. thus i met renee.

i was stunned, amazed, flattered and wary. i knew you before during and after the hojo/jen thing and i remembered how bad you did during it. but still, having renee telling me she liked my site and everything invoked a good bit of flattered blushing. we talked for a while and i decided that so long as i didn't mention i knew anything, it would be fine.

and thus my policy went. i never went out of my way to talk to renee and the once or twice i did try to IM her first, i went unanswered. for the most part, we shared FFVII related things, talked about cosplay, a little FFIX, pairings, fanarts, blah blah, so on. she complained sometimes, and so did i, about people and home life. once she mentioned something about her 'group' she lived with, i forget what happened. someone was staying and then ran off in the middle of the night. it was bullshit and taking a stab, i said it was and she sighingly admitted, 'well, i do hang with a sort of flakey bunch.'

i always considered her very rational, that plaguerism thing came up with ALT and renee had hojo.org backing me 100%. i was briefly involved in a LJRP for FFVII which... had some interesting snags in it. this was this past summer. after the incident with mellon, she and jen kept in contact, i think. she went up and visited, i told her to be careful, blah blah. she came back reporting of demon hunts, that she was the new zack, they were coming to katsu, they weren't, jen was mad because she missed her birthday, so on and so forth. i didn't know but the hojo for the LJRP i was in was an avid hojo fanatic and would be joining myself and the rufus at otakon.

otakon was bad, as you know. i was already going as tseng for another group but for the LJRP i was playing tseng cause reno was taken and... well, you get the idea. the rufus was a little off and it was supposed to kinda be IRLRP and i didn't know. this hojo at the con was 'aguynamedgoo' or somesuch that we just referred to as goo. goo was apparently really jealous of me and in love with the rufus, so there was a bizarre love triangle thing going on that i wanted no part of.

at some point, goo mentioned how excited she was about how jen(ova) was taking interest. she was the one that own hojo.org and she had asked goo to make things for her. thinking i was doing the right thing, i said that goo should be wary, they're a little over-the-top with some things and jen can be vicious at times. for the record, i said this from not only cap, your and zar's reports over the years, but also from mellon. mellon, who liked hojo and jen and hung out with them regularly even admitted that jen could be a handful. she thought the demon hunts and crazed referencing was amusing, entertaining, whatever, but she couldn't exactly say that it wasn't extravagant at times. goo was looking to move somewhere and knowing from all sources their financial situation, i thought it prudent to mention.

oh boy. a week or two later i was speaking with anna (dark-nation.org or net or something) about something and she mentioned that renee was furious with me. i had to inquire as to what about, as this was news to me. apparently goo went back and told them i was badmouthing jenova or something, i don't know. but whatever was said was bad enough that i was excommunicated. completely. i was out out out like last night's condom.

i explained to anna what i had said, and explained a little about your and mellon's experiences, drawing from the two different opinions on them as a whole and why i thought it was stupid that renee hadn't even asked me if that was true, confronted me about it, make a vague LJ post saying SOMEONE WAS SPREADING SHIT NO NAMES or whatever. we actually haven't talked since. goo apparently in two weeks or whatever counted more than my good services for a year or two or whatever. so with that, i just shook my head, counted my losses and said to hell with it.

mellon, as far as i know, isn't with them anymore. just before otakon she exploded on adam about ruining her life and told him if he showed up at the hotel, she'd kill him. as far as i know, they hadn't talked since. jen didn't know this until a bit ago and argued they were meant to be or somesuch and mellon said 'fuck that i hate him.' that didn't go over well and she was ex-communicated. that's old info, so i'm not sure if it's true. if there's anything else you need, just say, but that's my experience with them.

for the record, i've never talked to jenova at all or had her try to contact me. i've never been invited up by them (though mellon said i'd have fun and should come a few times) and i remember mellon or someone informing me that hojo didn't like talking to me because i complained too much or something.

whatever. if they don't wanna link hojo.org to ALT, it's no big loss to me. i'll either be famous or i won't. it bothered me for a while that i wasn't kicked out because of something i deserved to be for, but whatever. i don't count this as slander, but maybe some do. who knows. the end.

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