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Mela's Story

(The following is a series of emails i exchanged with Mela, who lived with them for some time. She eventually kicked them out of her house, but her story blows mine out of the water.)

Hi, I'm that chick from California that shows up from time to time on your site, adn I figured we should talk a bit, as I'm pretty fed up with Jen myself, and kicked her out of my house a couple of months ago. My AIM and yahoo messenger are both ********.

I met Jen at boarding school in Utah. We got along pretty good because Jen was known as "that crazy girl who thinks she's a vampire" and I was "that crazy girl who thinks she's a space alien." I wanted to meet up with her after the program, and I kept looking around on the internet until I came across this list of information on Jen that started with "You don't look like Integra. Integra's ASIAN." There was a whole lot of stuff about Jen and from what I saw, I could identify this as being the Jen I knew from Utah. So I contacted the person who wrote that description and she directed me to Renee, and from Renee to Jen. Jen said she had been looking everywhere for me, which I found highly unlikely, as I was online at classmates.com and all she would have had to do was pay like $15 and subscribe and Jen would have unlimited access to my contact info. I should have known about their financial state, when I found out that at no time over the course of 2 years did jen have enough money to subscribe to this service. I guess she didn't really care that much about finding me, although when we talked, she made a big deal about how she had "looked for me."

I came out to visit for 2 weeks after a short vacation with my parents, as it meant that my airfare was much cheaper that way. Things went very peachy for that time period, except for a couple of bad signs i wish i would have noticed. Angel was extremely jealous of me, and constantly paranoid that I would take Jen away from her. This is not an irrational fear, as Angel did take Jen away from Renee. I wasn't sexually interested in Jen, Angel, or Renee. All of them were much heavier than I was attracted to. (Jen was constantly bragging about how they were all losing weight. I saw no noticable weight loss the whole time I knew them, but Jen was constantly pestering me to tell her about how skinny she was (at 200 lbs, noone is "skinny") or how good she was at ddr, or how she was working out all the time.) Jen managed to weasel over two thousand dollars out of me over the course of the two weeks I stayed. (I didn't realize how much it was adding up until I got the credit card bill next month, all her spending seemed completely rational.) I noticed something while I stayed there--that Jen didn't own a single pair of scisors, or a microwave, or a toaster, or any of those other normal things, but she did have a horribly extensive doll and crystal collection, along with lots of expensive jewlery. Jen just had no idea how to spend money on things she needed, and spent it on things she wanted. She called them "sparkleys" or "shineys." She also spent more money on food than any three people I know. She had to buy new groceries every day--fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, etc. The blood in frozen meat was somehow "tainted" and meals always revolved around what Jen wanted to eat. There was no planning ahead, Jen would cook whatever SHE pleased and start thinking about her meal around 10pm. Cooking would begin near midnight, and dinner was served in the wee hours. This appealed to me at the time, because I'm not a morning person, and everyone else I'd known ate on a day schedule. It would get old.

When my parents went crazy, and stopped paying for school, I was ripe for the picking. Jen talked to me frantically about all the bad things that were going on, and somehow managed to make it sound much worse. Her solution--I (and my money) should come live with her. I was frantic to get away from my parents, scared, and wanted desperately to live in a place where I was accepted. That place definitely was not with Jen, but I didn't know that then. So I packed all of my belongings into my little red car and drove 4000 miles cross-country to live in Pennsylvania.

Things went bad from the first day. By the time I had gotten there, I was scared, freaked out, and VERY tired, and Jen promised me a full week of uninterrupted time to calm down and relax. I arived at 3 am on the day I told them, to find the house empty, and that knocking produced no results. I called the phone, which was busy, so I hunkered down in my car in sub-freezing temperatures and waited for someone to show up. After a couple of hours, I left my car, knocked on the door again, and then yelled through the mail slot trying to find them. Renee eventually came downstairs and let me in. They had locked the door after Jen and Angel left to spend the night driving around doing nothing, (what I would later find was one of their favorite passtimes.) Angel's husband used to give her money to pay for her gas, but after they spend hundreds of dollars every month, he finally gave up on it.

Angel's husband was treated much the same way as my parents, one day Jen would be screaming about how she should cut off contact, and the next talking about asking him for more money. Everything with Jen was about money, magic, or some combination of money and magic. She bought everything for it's magical property. (Didn't YOU know everything purple was magical?)

Anyway, that's the first bit of it, but I'm getting tired and want to go to bed. I'll finish this later.

So . . . where was I?
Oh, yes, I had just moved in.

Jen had promised that after I had been on the road for days on end, I would be allowed to stay alone in my room for a week and recouperate, but Jen's money-senses were a tingling, and she dragged me out to buy groceries and all sorts of stuff she didn't need, starting the next day at 10am. (Nevermind the fact that I had arived at 3am.)

Shortly after I moved in, Angel's jealousy went from bad to horrible. She was constantly sulking around, giving me dirty looks, etc. Jen's solution to the jelousy issue was to set up a situation where it looked like Jen was cheating on Angel with me, so Angel would realize "it's not that bad." Not only did she come up with this horrible idea without telling me, but she KISSED ME in public randomly when Angel was driving up in the car, making it look like I had made the moves on Jen. Angel was REALLY upset, and I think Angel would have gotten violent if it wasn't obvious that I was in as much shock as she was. This is a perfect example of how Jen starts drama.

I moved in with $17,000 in my bank account, and soon Jen had drained all of that on "necessities," all "for the house," many of which went into Jen's room and never came out. Soon I recieved a check from the investment company for $80,000, and Jen's spending began again in earnest. I tried to get her to stop spending money on frivolous things, but every time I said no or told her she should spend her own money buying things for herself, she threw a fit. All this time she was telling me how important I was to her special plan, and how the world needed us to stick together so we could conquer evil, etc. I wanted desperately to feel special, I was scared and alone, and I believed her. She knew a few magic tricks, was very good at reading people, and could give relatively accurate Tarot readings. I fell for her lies hook, line and sinker.

Finally, I found an idea as to how to occupy her time making money instead of spending it. I decided we should open a business--Esoterica Curiosities. Since I supplied all the capital, you'd think it would be in my name, but Angel mailed all the forms without telling me and put the business in Jen and Angel's name exclusively. We were going to open an occult shop in Bellefonte, as apparently there were none of these in the State College area, but Jen liked the idea of opening an occult shop much more than acutally doing it. I think she wanted to collect all the occult stuff more than actually run the business.

Jen has some pretty bizzarre ideas about what she thinks she is, who she thinks her ancestors are, and what "special powers" she thinks she has. Jen is a "vampire hunter," a term she has made her own definition for, except when she is a vampire herself, and not just any vampire, but a MASTER VAMPIRE. Oh, and she was going to be the new vampire slayer, except she got turned into a vampire instead. ooops! She is "Queen of the Fairies" that live in our backyard and the local park. You'd think being queen would take up all of her time, but it seems she also has time to be the incarnation of Death. Yes, she believes she is personally responsible for everyone who dies. She must be getting all this time from her "time magic" that she can do because she CONTROLS THE FLOW OF TIME. She is also the Witch-king, and as so has control over legions of "Dark Riders" (from LOTR) who do her bidding. She is also a p-12+ telepath (ala babylon 5) and can read people's minds. She has many other lives that she lives at the same time as this one, all in which she has special powers and no money issues.

So Jen thinks she is . . .
Morrigan La Fae (who she incidentally is also a descendant of!?)
Laura Croft
Integra Hellsing
Alucard (from Hellsing)
Everyone from the Incredibles cartoon
Arwen from LOTR
Jennova from ff7
Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack (also from ff7)
Ultemecia from final fantasy (who also happens to be her mother!?)
Garnet, Steinerfrom ff8
Quite a bit of the cast from Babylon 5
Buffy Summers, Angel, Spike, Drusilla, the Master, Willow, Xander, & anyone else she thinks is cool from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Once again, i need to sleep. Will write more later.

I think I'm going to be selling some of Jen's worthless stuff that she left here on ebay along with a description of what happened to me. I was wondering if I could link your site as well. I'm hoping that people will feel sorry for me, and pay more than the item is worth. For instance, I have a riding crop that jen broke across angel's back, and then continued to whip her with, leaving huge bleeding gashes across her back. That might sell.

I would LOVE to have my experience posted on the site. Actually, I wouldn't mind having the name Mela posted as the author on the site, as it isn't my "real name," it's just the name everyone calls me, and if people wanna bust my ass about it, well then they're gonna bust my ass about it.

I would also like to write something about what jen and i experienced at "boarding school" along with a note about my theories about why jen is the way she is. What Jen and I went through together was MUCH worse than what I put up with from Jen.

Also, people need to watch out for Angel as well, as Angel is much more violent than Jen, and (as I continue the narrative you will see) she is definitely a "Loose Cannon"

Del? You mean Renee?

Renee was living with nearly no contact with Jen, except when Jen would cook or yell at her (which I never saw happen for Renee making too much noise, btw.) In the entire 2 years I lived with them, I NEVER saw Renee and Jen as a couple. They certainly never had sex. Jen always was with Angel, and Renee would occasionally have sex with Angel, but Jen always wanted everything on HER terms. Not that Renee was completely innocent . . . I seriously think Renee is more disturbed than Jen, she's just anti-social, so she isn't interested in manipulating people. Not that I mind disturbed . . .

yeah, you should have seen how much jen flipped when she found the site. I was actually the one in the house who found it first, and I just started laughing because I didn't believe it. I was like--haha some people made a funny site about how they don't like Jen. Jen was LIVID.

I wouldn't mind if she harassed me. At least she would be talking to me. Then I could harass HER about all the stuff she stole from me. Here's an email I mailed yesterday.

Mela's letter to them

I'd be tempted to take my information and use it to defraud her, but neither of them have any credit.

And, no I didn't go to the hosipital for it. They threatened to send me to the loony bin for "doing it to myself" and for writing on the walls in MY OWN HOUSE (which was what prompted the head bashing) Jen was always complaining that I went to the hospital too much. I guess more often than her=too much, because my parents would pay for me to go to the ER whenever I had a migraine, and Jen avoided hospitals at all cost, even when she was bitching and moaning and "threatening" to go to the ER because she was so (faking being) sick. Acutally, it was kinda a funny story because Jen apparently has chronically reoccuring Mono, (aka stay-in-bed-all-day-and-feel-sorry-for-myself-itis) and Jen was (not) very sick with diareah and throwing up everything (because she was so stressed about being sick) and she kept threatening to go to the hospital ER, hoping that everyone would realize how sick she was (i will aggree that she is sick in the head, but this wasn't what she was talking about) and feel sorry for her or do stuff for her, or something. But anyway, she keeps threatening to go to the ER, and I keep telling her--go, go to the hospital and get some medicine and get better (instead of griping about it to me.) Everyone is telling her to go and she is whining about how expensive it will be, and I'm like "Look, you have no income, you pay no taxes. The hospital has this policy where they have to treat you, and if you have no income, they will do it for free. That's why people donate money to the hospitals." And suddenly she gets this dumb look on her face like I had ruined her plan and suddenly it dawned on me--I ruined her plan. Her angle was this: She was sick, very sick, . . . but poor, poor pitiful Jen was too poor to be able to afford a trip to the hospital, and in order to save money so that everyone in the house could live and eat (and contribute to her shiney collection,) SHE would sacrifice her health. I realized this, and I just looked at her like she was the dumbest person on the planet, (which she is about money, well the second dumbest, but that's its own story which i will only tell if you are interested enough to ask) But yeah, I think she LIKES being poor, LIKES living off of other's generosity. I think it makes her feel that other people love her (at least enough to pay her for doing nothing.) I think every time someone buys her something it reinforces her feeling of importance. I don't think she realizes it makes people RESENT HER.

Like with her teeth. Jen claims she lost two teeth as a result of a sword fighting injury. The way she described it sounded highly suspitious. Jen intermittantly complained of how her (completely missing) teeth provided near-constant misery, but she only complained AFTER she spent all my money. I don't think Jen ever wanted her teeth fixed--it would eliminate something she could be the victim of, hold over Renee's head, and get to play poor-poor-pitiful-me about. So Jen had no issue with spending well over $50,000 of my money on frivilous SHIT, but she claimed it would be uncouth of her to ask me to pay a $225 dental bill to end her constant misery.

Also I can't figure out why it was ok in her mind to get on disability (which she made a half-hearted attempt to do) but not to try and get food stamps, even when we had no money and no food. I think this has something to do with the fact that in spite of her desire to be poor, she also wanted everyone to think she was rich, she was still the spoiled little rich girl. Food Stamps=bad because poor people get them, and disability=good because it was the authority saying it was not her fault she couldn't work.

Oh wait, I forgot, she had 3 jobs . . . *head-desk*
1. Running the Hellsing forum on thehellsing.org, a job which mostly provided her with the opportunity to ridicule people.
2. Sticking her nose into other people's business at the house
3. Helping people wrongly involved in the occult. Yeah, I saw her maybe spend a few hours on this the whole time she was here. In spite of what she claims, she never counseled vampires. She thinks she fucking is one. She mostly finds people RPing on the internet and tells them about how drinking blood is bad because you can get diseases and stuff.
4. I will add #4: (caution--this is not a jen-approved job) Playing Neopets, reading slash, and Incredibles fandom. She definitely spent more than 5 hours a day doing neopets, slash, and incredibles.

oh, and Jess, one of the other roommates of Jen and I is here--she says hi. She doesn't like jen either. Can I give her your email?

Jen would always get mad because my car always had gas, and kept suspecting that i was hiding money. It wasn't that hard to always fill up on the way home from work and then never run out of gas, as opposed to always pumping $5 or less.

Oh, and the painting on the walls . . . it was in dry-erase marker. Here is a copy of a conversation I had with someone about the incident and another like it.

Mela's AIM transcript of the event

Mela's Pictures of the Condition the House was Left In

I never would have put up with being hit if Jen hadn't made it seem like it was MY fault, and told me repeatedly that I attacked her, then blacked out. I am NOT the kind of person who gets abused.

The pictures are of AFTER they left--the room looked similar with much more stuff strewn when they lived there. I took them with my mom's digicam so that if i needed them with the police to prove the mess they made, i would have proof. Yes, there was glitter everywhere. I am still removing glitter from all over. I still find random glitter in my crotch all the time, that's how much it's everywhere. And oh how Jen smelled. Angel was much much worse, though. I don't think that girl ever bathed. They just kept adding perfume. And Jen's purple skirt/dress stinked to high heaven, that was until I made her other clothes to wear. Even then she wore the dress-skirts all the time. And always kept insisting that her clothes were too large, except in the tits. Whenever something was too small, it was too small for her shoulders, whenever too large, it was too baggy around her stomache. She sure had a deluded idea of what she looked like at 200lbs.

I just had something scary happen. I just heard a chorus of people saying "just because she bought expensive bubble bath doesn't mean she used it." Like 2 other people said that at the same time.

I finally figured out how to get Jen to bathe. I would tell her she smelled like vampire, and she would go and shower so that noone would know. I think that was genius.

The purple thing finally wore far beyond repair. I had to replace all but the patterned pannels of it. Renee took the old velvet and used it as an altarcloth, but ooops! she left it here when she moved out. I used a piece of it to make Jen, the voodoo doll. "Jen" has been baking in the sun for over a month. "Jen" will soon be going down to spend some time in the haunted basement. Did I mention I'm a bitch? I think it's justified.

It is kinda late, and my girlfriend wants me to go to bed, but I'm normally up till near dawn. I'm a stripper and I work nights only. Oh, that's another thing--how Jen presssured me into being a stripper, how jen thought she looked good enough to dance . . . i had a good job working for a bank, but that wasn't good enough for jen, i wasn't making enough money, even though I was making more money than she was being given. So, they pressured me into being a stripper. It ended up being a good thing--I LOVE my job, but still . . . you don't pressure your friends into working in the sex industry unless YOU work in the sex industry.

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