A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

Maya's Experiences

(Maya was another potential target of Jen's, but managed to evade when Jen insulted her favourite singer. Here's her memories of Jen's approuch.)

This was all over AIM. I will tell the story as it surfaces in my memory. This report was between Jen and myself. Names have not been mentioned of myself or my roommate for safety purposes.

I was introduced to this... individual through a good friend of mine. We had one thing in common: Singing.(And later you will find that that is even questionable)

Now, for starters, I'm not a big fan of Final Fantasy VII. Played it, and that was that. So I was a little reluctant to talk to people I didn't know even on an internet level, who were into Hojo, Aerith... I got in a chatroom with Jen and her wife.

It went something like this:
She typed in < Yuna >, as in... I thought she was horsing around, so I bust out Auron as if I was role playing in an RPG. Well, she starts typing her own name [Jen] on the screen. I was having a little bit of fun, so I started typing my name too. Well, "Yuna" got a little frisky with "Auron" so I made "me" go and bitch-slap her. "Yuna" started crying, and then I was told to immediately apologize to Jen.

Now... you've got to know by now I was thinking: WTF? So, I apologize just to shut her up. I was already irritated with getting told to apologize for bullshit. That's when I was introduced to "Jen is really Yuna", and I hurt her poor little feelings. ;-; And that she was Yuna in... a past life? I don't believe in that sort of thing. I am me, and I was created to be unique, not to take the form of another.

Anyway, so the conversation ensues. Jen and her wife double team me. They start pressing all of these... dumb-ass theories on me. One right after the other about all of the higher living. Spiritual(yeah right) enlightenment... hoo-ha. I believe in God, but I belong to no religion or practice anything for that matter(just so you are aware of this). And I'm also not prone to believing in: Video game characters exist in another universe. I refuse to fall for such pathetic beliefs. I have better things to do than create fairy tales.

I got a little pissy with the two of them so I left the chatroom. Well, minutes later, Jen IMs me personally. Not to apologize, but to feed me more bullshit! She starts to touch base on how I sing. Yes, yes I do. I can range from Second Tenor to First Soprano. I intend to make a career out of this talent...

You must know these things before I get too heavily into this next section:
I'm easily intimidated.
I'm nervous.
I have low self-esteem.

She figured this stuff out right away, and used them against me, painting a most beautiful picture... that is... until she insulted my talent. No. I will put her "theory" in a nutshell in my own words:

If you can sing really well, you should sing from your heart and mean it. You should sing all the time. Sarah Brightman doesn't really sing. Her last real performance was when she toured in the Phantom of the Opera play(note: Sarah Brightman is my favorite female singer). Sarah Brightman only achieves pretty breathing and uses synthesizers to make her voice sound appealing.

That's the gist of it. I love Sarah Brightman, I think her voice is beautiful. I sing a lot like her, it's my favorite register. As soon as she started to try and establish what my thought process was and my goals in life, she started to twist it around. I told her that I wanted to make a career of singing someday soon. That i wanted to be a famous opera diva. Well... that was my big no-no I guess. She exploded and got all pissy with me and she said: "So you're just going to sell yourself out for fame and money?" Well... yeah. I can't see any other way of making a living. 'Money talks and shit walks' it's just a sign of the times, honey.

The most important note of that malarky... If synthesizers are so awful... then that means... Amy Lee of Evanescence doesn't really sing. Celine Dion doesn't really sing. The lead singer of Metallica doesn't really sing... Our ears are too tainted to hear anything truly beautiful. So we will never be able to achieve such sounds with our own raw voices. Synthesizers boost the affect of the already smooth tone of the person's voice... Why is that bad? ...

So anyway, I bite the bullet and take just a little bit more of her shit... meanwhile, she's doing quite the number on my roommate. Convincing her that there is something wrong with me and that I am wasting my talent. Sure, I'm not on broadway right this minute! I made some bad choices in my past. For instance, i dropped out of high school. I have to get a GED or another sort of diploma to go anywhere. Landing a music agent isn't easy, and not a lot of people "get lucky" and hit it big by some freak chance... But I wouldn't say I'm WASTING it.

My roommate was already pretty convinced of most of this. It caused a fight between the two of us that I DIDN'T APPRECIATE(she made me feel dirty and unworthy of so many things and I was an idiot for letting her make me feel that way.).

Well, here comes the unbelievable part:

I let the singing crap go. Next was the "Our financial situation sucks, let's move in with them so they can help better it". Claiming that God sent her to us. God helped her find us and he made it her job to save us. It was decided(against my better judgement) that we were going to seriously consider moving in with them. Jen had called us on our phone(laying out her dark plan). I even talked to her on the phone myself... I just told myself, "wherever my roommate goes, I go. No matter what." So, basically, I was going whether I wanted to or not...

(By this time, I'd figured out that Jen saw me as an immediate threat and I was standing in the way of my roommate getting down there. I was the enemy so she turned up the manipulation power on my friend. I'm almost certain that if it had gone on any longer than I had let it, she would have succeeded in getting my friend to go without me and possessing little hard feelings.)

Only a mere 2 days later, Jen starts to try and seal the deal with my roommate by calling her on the phone again. She'd already made arrangements to get some of her friends to come and pick us up that weekend. Fuck no. Preparations anyone? I will admit to getting a little too worked up about the whole situation. It could have gone a lot better had I not been such a hella-bitch about it. But... this was my life that was about to get messed up in a hurry right before my eyes.

With that, I started to ask questions like: Why is Jen so eager to get us down there? She hardly knows us...

Haha, that was black mark number three on: I'm-Not-Going. Driven by curiosity, I IM Jen for the second and last time.

I began to ask simple questions(in a very polite manner, mind you).
Do you practice magic?

She got sarcastic with me and said a few things like:
When I cook, there is magic.

Do you light candles and chant?

She tells me she lights incense and has ceremonies.

I mention: Would you be offended if I didn't want to participate or be around when you do it(Please note that though I am not religious, I do not follow ceremonies of any kind unless it's a frickin' funeral or a wedding. Maybe it was just taboo, but I don't like to be around it and it is my right.).

She told me yes.

I told her that it makes me feel uncomfortable and that I didn't like it. I was being blunt and honest as I always am. This is where it turned sour. She started to point out all of my obvious flaws and then proceeded to use them against me. Insulting me and belittling my way of life versus hers. She started saying things like:

"This is MY house and you WILL DO AS I SAY."

'Paying bills this and that'. Using caps lock to emphasize her points of anger. So, basically, she turned into Hitler and still expected me to come and live with her, and also let my roommate go too. YEAH THAT WAS HAPPENING. Over my fucking dead body. As much as I hate to type this, I was praying for something awful to happen so that we wouldn't go. She is Satan reincarnate, not Yuna or Bob or Jesse or Cleopatra... whoever else she thinks she is...

In short... she's crazy, a liar... and a very manipulative person. Stay AWAY FROM HER if you value your own way of life and beliefs. She almost fucked me over, and nearly stole a friend away. Please don't let this happen to you.

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