A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

Information to Avoid Them

I will tell you one thing- if you refuse to go TO someone's house, you will never meet Jen or Renee. Rain Crystal or Angel are different stories, as Rain Crystal regularly went to conventions and would find ways to move herself from location to location. However, Jen never goes to visit anyone unless they foot the bill. She has never attended a convention, despite constantly saying she will. The last places they were reported being are:
JEN & ANGEL - Arizona (2005?)
RENEE/HOJO - Pennsylvania (2005?)
CATHERINE RAIN - California (Aril, 2008)

All are women in their mid to late 20s. Jen is heavyset (200lbs last report) and on the taller side, with a pudgy face. Her hair used to be long (about mid back), straight and brown. She has never had a child. Here is a photograph of Jen circa 1999/2000. She put on weight since this photograph. Renee is also pudgy, but shorter, and with wirey, curlier hair. She wears glasses and when she smiles she wrinkles her nose, squints her eyes and shows her teeth. Here is a picture of Renee circa 2001. She looks the same. I don't know much about Angel, other than the fact that she is extremely heavyset (enough to make Jen look thin). Photographs of Catherine Rain can be found on Something Awful's thread related to her psycho story.

online, they owned nightroad.org, lucrecia.org, echthros.net, saucybard.com, sumeragi.net, hojo.org, raincrystal.net and jenovaproject.org. AMAZING, CONSIDERING THE LACK OF INCOME! Almost all of these have expired. The only one I can confirm as changing ownership is HOJO.ORG which now belongs to a free lance artist who has nothing to do with these loon-pies.

Jen 'moderated' a forum on thehellsing.org. many regulars dislike her and avoid the place like the plague because of her death-grip about how she IS integra (and alucard). Raincrystal and some of her nutcase buddies run Holyharmonia.com and you can contact them there.

Angel, Jen and Hojo all use livejournal LIKE A DIRTY WHORE. Jen regularly goes through bouts of "DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING!" and so many of these will result in deleted, defunct or purged journals. These are journals and some websites that are either A) Them or B) close enough to them to be considered potentially dangerous. (thanks to the LJ noir detectives for this list)
click here. 30-some journals, 6 communities, 2 websites...

These are lists of LJs they were previously using. Upon posting these lists, there was a MASS JOURNAL DELETION- but when people feel like being unlazy again the lists will be updated. (thanks marysia and several other LJ detectives for the great online detectivework finding all these accounts!)
Jen: click here. current count: 60 names.
Hojo: click here. current count: 22 names.
Angel: click here. current count: 21 names.
Communities just for them: click here current count: 15

You can tell Jen by her extreme list of 'multipuls', quotes from songs, quick proclimation that she is in a Harry Potter house (Usually Slytherine, rarely Gryffindor and when she is being "clever" it is Ravenclaw) and acting like a cat in her user info. Her livejournal interests also include the kinds of things she likes to lie about doing, like 'court dancing'. she also lists 'mako tanks' and 'lab coats' along with every final fantasy game ever in her interests.

Jen, Renee, Angel and Raincrystal are big on these fandoms, so watch out.
Heroes, Hellsing, Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Harry Potter, Jak & Daxter, The Increadibles, Kingdom Hearts, any Christian based mythology, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sailor Moon, anything involving Fairies that goes on TV or to movies.
There are probably more, these are the ones I am aware of. Incidently, Jen believes anyone she doesn't like is the villian from her current Fandom Of Choice. Apparently I am some guy from Heroes named Syler and I eat brains! So is my other friend! I don't think there are two versions of this guy but who cares, it's Jen Logic!

They are not, however, furries. They do not seem to have an opinion of furries, really, but they themselves are not furries despite Jen's constantly acting like a cat. That's just her being insane.

lately jen seems to be claiming she has asberger's syndrome. Don't be fooled. She is batshit crazy but this is NOT one of her problems. As someone who has taken classes with teachers who suffer it, lived with children who suffer similar problems (autism), taught children who have it as well as children with autism, had friends who really do have it and studied it as a matter of being an education major- asberger's syndrome does NOT affect you so hard that you are EXCUSED FROM BAD BEHAVIOR. Asbergers sufferers learn in their early years to cope with it, even if it is not identified. Also, I'd love to see the odds in Vegas against a person with asbergers having such a large group of people willing to leap violently to her defense :P

Renee alone is pretty safe to talk to online, but be prepared to backpeddle very quickly.

Angel is apparently very violent and opinionated. I have never met her, so my information is scarce.

Raincrystal comes across as perfectly sane and normal, but evidently is a whole passle of fucking nuts under the surface. The minute someone mentions "video game past life" you should run away.

Jen will claim she is any job under the sun. A doctor (because she has a labcoat), a teacher, a pilot, a priestess, an artist, a voice actor...Usually more than one of these at one time. Renee is more modest and usually truthful about her jobs. Angel, so far as I know, claims to be a real angel. Raincrystal will lie about her name and encourage people to lie on her behalf about her occupation for her own benefit. Her lies are not as transparent as Jen's, so be careful.

usually jen will try to contact people via phone as quickly as possiable.

If ANYONE who seems KIND of flakey says 'spend some time at my house' BAIL IMMEDIATELY. I will never trust people online like I did before I met these people.

They do not like people who netspeak. If you want to try to gracefully back out, try netspeaking for a while. Or, pretending to be really really stupid and blunt and say stuff like 'lol magic iz not real' or 'card tricks yeah my bruthr doesthos' or something.

In some cases, those close to the person these nuts are after just has a gut feeling of dislike for them. In one case, a best friend tried real hard, but just couldn't bring himself to like them. A good tip-off is if your friends seem to think they're flakey and don't like them, there is a reason for this.

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