A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

ATTN: As of 2006, Hojo.org has a new owner. This website will remain up, but be aware that the new owner has not done any of the psychotic stuff listed here.

This all went down several years ago, starting with innocent internet friendships and spiraling completely out of control into something that most normal people would find wholely unbelievable. Once I escaped the loonies, I decided to write up my experiences and share them with the 'net. Almost immediately, other survivors of this group of nutcases began to send in their stories as well.

Naturally, the people who ran this fantasy-land cult were unhappy. They deleted livejournals, they accused everyone involved of lying, they accused me of inventing it all because I was "on drugs" despite their knowing I was not. They claimed that personal accounts written were "not true" and in the same breath began to attack the people who had "not written" them. They hopped fandoms (From Final Fantasy to Hellsing to Increadibles to Heroes...) and hopped states but have never been able to shake the fact that they very obviously did these things and people have very obviously got sick of being quiet about it.

Everything here is true. Everything here is 100% real. Some names were changed to protect identities of those involved, but that is all. Everything else is 100% accurate.

The only instances in which things will be changed is to ADD facts. It is all true. Watch this space for updates. If you have made a personal account here and are getting flamed for it though, you may request it be edited and/or removed.

08/24/08: Well what do you know. When SA found Catherine Rain, things really heated up. The original writer of the Sarah Saga got regular harassment until he took the story down. Considering the mind numbing level of consistant details between Catherine's data and the data on "Sarah," I am going to agree with the goons - the OP was just doing damage control. It's obviously her. The current theory is: In one last ditch effort to avoid more court battles with her, he deleted all the posts. Well, Greta, you stepped in it. You took away my train wreck that I was reading to defend your crazy cult. If he was writing fiction or not, you took away the fun. Thanks to something awful, we'll have lots of nice photos and links aaall here about you in juuuust a little while :)

If you have beef with any of the people who have come forward, please address me with it and not them. Most everyone who was involved wishes to put their contact with the group behind themselves which I completely understand.
The Crazy People Involved-and their 'other selves'
Jen - AKA Jenova, Sephiroth, Rowen, Syndrome, Ultemicia, Kuja, President Shinra (etc)
Hojo - AKA Renee, Del, Cloud, The Raven King, Metatron, Ecthros
Angel - AKA Anna
The Cetra - AKA Aeris, Rain Crystal, Catherine Rain, Greta, Marie, Mathiu, Odessa, Candywrapper

Fictional Characters-in case you wanted to know
"Zack" - from the game Final Fantasy 7. Generic do-gooder knight. Dies.
"Cloud" - From Final Fantasy 7. Protaganist. Mercinary. Friend of Zack. Defeats Jenova.
"Jenova" - From Final Fantasy 7. Alien woman who wants to destroy the earth. villian.
"Hojo" - From Final Fantasy 7. Mad scientist. Tortures Zack and Cloud. Villian.
"Vincent" - From Final Fantasy 7. Generic angsty secret character. Doesn't like Hojo. Good guy.
"Aeris" - From Final Fantasy 7. Female healer. Affects Cloud deeply, then dies. Killed by Sephiroth.
"Cetra" - From Final Fantasy 7. The species of Aeris mother. Basicly Human.
"Sephiroth" - From Final Fantasy 7. Main villian. Goes crazy, tries to destroy world. Gay(?)
"Gast" - From Final Fantasy 7. Exteremely minor character. Bearucrat, overweight. Dies?

Personal Accounts-writing from those involved
Webmaster's Experience: visiting, living with them several months (2002)
Zarla's Experience: a weekend visit (2002)
Candywrapper's Letter: Catherine Rain's letter to Jen upon leaving (2002)
Mela's Experiences: leading to beatings, a trashed house, and finally kicking them out. (date unknown)
Kat's Letters: letters from Kat explaining eeriely similar experiences of a new 'Zack' (date unknown)
Reno's Commentary: and some experiences. (2003, 2004)
Maya's Experiences: Jen tries to sucker in her and her roommate (date unknown)
Walrus' Experience: Walrus and his cousin get maniuplated like nothing else. (date unknown)

Emails-screenshots of a few short emails related
Nate's Mail: after refusing to talk on AIM, i know no more of this one.
Nick's Mail: Nick knew a young "Hojo".
Owen's Mail 1, Owen's Mail 2: someone who formerly RP'd with them.

Commentary-notes from those on the sidelines
the original entry: on lj, with comments
the entry made to handle comments: on lj, with more comments
the lj entry announcing the site: plus comments and flames.
Something Awful finds Aeris SA goons find what "Aeris" has been up to

Old Journals-journal entries from those involved at the time
Zar's Excerpts: journal snippets from zar's trip (2002)
Webmaster's Excerpts: snippets from my own stay (2002)
Webmaster's "Free" Journal: three days written into txt (2002)

Writing by Jen & Hojo- to give you an idea of how nuts they are.
Jen's Biography: written by herself
Scientology Otherkin: "Hojo" rants about how otherkin are a product of scientology. Even otherkin think it's crazy. mirror here.

Information-latest known information, alias', location, advice
How to sign on 2 AIMs at Once: jen frequently uses 2 aim names at once to pretend to be different people. here is how she does it.
Information: livejournals, websites, AIMs, last known locations, etc.
Are They a Cult?: yes. read.
FAQ: Please read before e-mailing asking "CAN I...ARE YOU..." etc.

Helpful Links-recovery, information
Ex-cult.org: for those recovering from cult experience
Emotional Abuse: know it. identify it. avoid it.
Lifestyles of the Magical & Animated: someone explains, in sane person terms, what the hell people like jen think they are (for those of you who can't get your head around it)
Nekobe the Lion: a similar person, in the furry fandom. how to avoid/beware of him.
The Parker & Hulme Case: a similar duo from the 50s who actually ended up commiting murder.
Wayback Machine: digs up old cached internet pages. Useful, and also fun!
Crush Yiff Destroy: if you like TWS and want more dirt to cover the dirt, check out crush yiff destroy- digging through the creepy and nasty of furries and showing it off with a shudder.