A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom


People send in letters asking the same questions over and over. It's about time I made something like this.

Can I use this story to write a Novel/Screenplay?
Yeah, sure. Go for it. I don't care. I just survived it.

Can I e-mail you for details on living with Jen that might not be covered here?
I don't like talking about it. It happened in 2002, and that was a long time ago. A lot has happened since then and a lot (like the names of Jen's ten zillion soulbonds) has become blurry. Plus, you know. PTSD.

Do you have Jen's contact info? I NEED to troll her!
No, I don't have it anymore.

Do you still like/play Final Fantasy 7?
Not really. Bad memories, predictably.

God you were so fucking stupid.
Trust me, I know.

Is this constantly hanging over your life/You were never able to get past it?
Not really a question, but most e-mails have this sort of feel to them. Most everyone who got the hell away from Jen got the hell on with their lives, myself included. I graduated college, I studied abroad in Japan, I taught in elementary schools in Japan, I continued with my life. I have PTSD from it, but I'm taking medication for it and moving past it.

Do you believe in soulbonding?
Would you after living through this crap? No. I don't. And I honestly don't give a crap how strongly you feel otherwise, so don't e-mail me telling me how offended you are.

Are you a furry?
I played Furcadia in 2002. I have friends who are what one would call furry-lite (they draw furries but don't do the whole I AM A CAT!!! thing).

Do you know your site is linked on (wherever)

Are you a dude or a chick?
I'm AFAB, but identify male. Please use male pronouns with me.

Is this photo Vincent/Jen/Hojo?
90% of the time, No. This was Jen in 1999. She got fatter and dirtier. This was Renee in 2000. She looks the same.

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