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How to Sign on 2 AIM names at Once

Jen regularly will create numerous screen names for herself and her "soulbonds" in order to create the illusion that she knows more people, is two different people, etc. This has fooled more than one person, but it is extremely simple to do. Just because Jenova35 and ImAVampire6 are both in the same AIM chat room with you does not mean they are different people.

You can connect to two or more screen names at once with AIM itself -- you don't even need any 3rd party programs or anything. So the whole 'there are two SNs on at once, that must mean they're two separate people!' thing really doesn't hold any water at all. It's pretty easy to pretend to be two different "personalities" at once -- just change your font, capitalization and punctuation, and general sentence structure and it's easy to look like someone totally different.

Here's how to do it. It might only work in the most recent versions of AIM. Create two SNs. Go to your main one and click 'Manage Linked Screen Names' under the 'My AIM' menu. Click 'Link/Unlink Screen Names' and then 'Add a Screen Name'. Type in the name and password and then click Save. When you next sign on, you'll sign on to both names at once. Also, there's an eye icon on your buddy list next to each name. If you click it, you "sign off" -- except not really, you just become invisible to everyone, even though you can still IM people. So it would be easy for someone to have about 50 SNs on at once, linked, and then switch them from invisible to visible mode when they want to talk to someone in particular.

AOL's Tutioral on How to Do This

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