A Public Warning: FF7 Fandom

The following pages are a compiled list of stories and data about a group of individuals on the internet who prey on unsuspecting fans of various video games, TV shows and movies. They take money, time, self-worth, self-confidence, sanity and freedom away from those they target, sucking them into a schizophrenic constructed fantasy cult based around the things they once loved.

This is 100% non fictional. There is some pretty sick stuff in here (violence, sexuality, physical abuse, etc) so please be aware if you wish to proceed. I wish this was a joke. But thanks to the internet, it's not.

For those who are unfamiliar with this in any way, here are some terms and explanations.
FF(#), FF(roman #) or Final Fantasy (#)- This is a franchise of popular Japanese fantasy role playing games for various gaming consoles. They are generally very fun and all-ages related games with engaging if predictable plots and characters.
anime- A cartoon produced and created in Japan, especially popular in America these days. Anime often has themes which one would see in an R or PG-13 rated movie and often span several episodes like a normal TV show. Plots are often repetitive and characters archetypes.
soulbonding- A new-age term created for when one believes they have 'another soul' living inside their body. On the internet, it is the equivolent of having an imaginary friend who you blame your poor behavior on. In the case of this page, it may also mean something people believe they were reincarnated from or as.
reincarnation- These people believed that you could be a reincarnated version of a fictional character. That is to say, for example, someone could have been Winne the Pooh in a past life. Note that more than one person can also be this fictional character. Being reborn by their terms was not a chance to do better or improve behavior but more a chance to 'add' to their 'resume of lives'
magic- To some people it is a religion. To these people, it was something between a religion others were asked to believe in whole-heartedly and a game that the leaders of this were allowed to play. Standard rules for occult practices (such as tarot readings) were completely thrown aside in favour of more dramatic falsified rules (ie, the death card in tarot indicates change. To these people, the death card would be made to indicate death or murder.)

Be aware that the events which happened in some of these stories (like mine) happened years ago. Many of the people involved have patched up their lives and moved on, but still wish to warn others against horrors like those they experienced. Many of them got into these situations because they were young (early college age) and stupid (early college age). This page is not for them, it's for the people who are ideal prey for this group of individuals. Or, you know, those who have horrendous train wreck syndrome.

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