All players are expected to abide by the following rules. Refusal to do so may result in an IP ban and character removal.

1- Respect Other Players, Be Respected in Return

This applies to all players, mortal and immortal. If someone is disrespectful, players are encouraged to use the IGNORE command (this can be removed later) and to report the behavior to an admin. "Implicit" disrespect includes bigotry such as racism and transphobia and is NOT welcome.

2- Treat new players kindly

We are all here to have fun- greet new players with kindness. Help them out and show them around. MUDs are very old and people new to them may need help!

3- Don't kill PC kill/attack without consent

We are a very low-key place and consent is key to avoiding conflict. Accidents happen, but intentionally griefing other players without their consent is not allowed.

4- Please speak in English!

This is an English language MUD and we request players to also speak English. If English is not your first language, please just do your best.

5- Report Major Bugs

Contact admins or older players if something seems wrong or overpowered. If players are found to have been profiting off a bug without reporting it, diciplinary action may be taken.

6- Programs are okay, Bots are not

Programs to automate simple tasks (eating, healing) are permitted. If a character can carry on leveling largely independant of their creator, that is a bot, and that is not permitted. Found bots will be disconnected and, depending on their intent, possibly banned.

7- Party With Others, Not Yourself

It is fine to have numerous characters. It is not fine to group them all together into a murder train that is actually just one living person at the helm. If you want a murder train and no one is online, ask some friends to join you!

8- This is NOT an erotic/adult server

KEEP. IT. CLEAN. keep it clean. Because Sabrous is intended to be for users as young as 16, ERP (erotic role play) is not allowed. No ifs, ands or buts.

9- What's illegal outside is illegal inside

Please do not use Sabrous to distribute or organize distribution of restricted/illegal goods or services. But also ACAB.

10- have fun!

Anyone found not having fun will be fed to a shark. :V