New to MUDs?

This portion of our site is for people who have never played MUDs before and might be looking for some info before they join.

A MUD is kind of a combination of a text-based rpg and a chatroom. MUDs predate internet browsers, so there are no graphics inside the game- it's entirely text based play. MUD itself stands for Multi User Dungeon, so it's sort of the great great grand-program of the modern MMO. Because of how old MUDs are and because they are text only, they require VERY little bandwith/data to play. It's a nostalgic form of internet entertainment!

MUDs are best played with a small group of buddies, if you can convince some pals to join you. If not, you can still play alone - it's just not as much fun.

You create a character, you fight enemies, you study skills, you level up, you eat and drink, you change armor, etc. The basic engine Sabrous runs on is designed based upon Dungeons & Dragons. During early levels you're intended to focus more on gameplay than social/chatting, but as you level up it becomes easier to just spend time idle and/or hanging out to talk.

Sabrous is and always has been free. You don't need to give any info out to do that, just set up a username and password in the game.

Why Play Sabrous?
While there's lots of MUDs out there, Sabrous is unique in a few ways. We have an extensive system of pre-coded socials, in addition to the emote function that lets you write your own. There's 12 custom character races, many of which you can find in my other work, Inhuman. There's also 12 classes, though only two are custom... coding the classes is very hard, turns out! lmao

If it sounds like Sabrous is something you'd like to play, you can either use our web-based client or search for a MUD client for your OS. These clients are also usually free and there are hundreds to choose from for any system you can imagine, including clients that run on phones or tablets :>

Sabrous itself has a tutorial area for new players that will teach you the basics of play. You are not able to save your character file until after you complete this area. How fast this takes to complete depends on how fast you read and how good your English reading comprehension is, but it is designed to take less than a half hour.

The following are helpful for players who are new to MUDs in general:
-> Area Maps Directory
-> THE NEWBIE GUIDE + Kentrin's basic newbie guide. (download the .zip 1.73mb)
->Command List + a list of pretty basic commands that you will want to use
->FAQ + the general FAQ