General FAQ

These are a series of questions we get asked a lot. Hopefully it'll answer yours easily. Make sure you read the Basic Command List as well if you are new.

Where can I get food?
When you first arrive in Sabrous, you will be in North Tek. The place to get food in North Tek is the general store. From the square, go south twice, west once, north once. Later, you will discover other shops that sell food.
You can also buy food in your newbie training areas.

Where are the Training Areas?
In North Tek there are three. Ranked in difficulty from Easiest to Hardest they are:
The Training Arena: from the square, west twice, south once.
North Tek Gardens: From the square, South once, East once.
The North Tek Mansion: From the square, South 4 times, East once, North once.

How do I drink a potion?
type quaff potion

How do I use a book of healing?
hold it (hold book) and then type 'zap self'

How do I adept a weapon type?
First you have to be past level 8. Secondly, you have to be using a weapon of that type in battle. IE, short blades you should use a dagger.

How do I adept fighting styles?
First you have to be past level 8. During battle, type 'style (your fighting style)' and change back and forth.

How do I learn a language?
Find a scholar. Type 'language learn (language you want to learn)'. You must do this a lot, and it takes a lot of practices to speak a language well. You may have to be a certain level to learn languages. Just check back frequently.

Why can't I leave the city?
you're too low a level. it's dangerous out there! level up!

I'm [a flying race]. How do I fly?
fly automatically affects you. you don't need to do anything, you already fly everywhere.

Why can't I buy [weapon or item]? It says I can't use it yet but I'm sure I can.
You are not a high enough level to buy it yet. Look next to the item.
[Lv Price] Item
[ 0 180] A cigarette.
The part in red is where the level of the item will be.

How do I know if I am successfully being affected by a skill or spell?
type 'affected' to see what's currently affecting you.

How do I regain HP and MP faster?
sleep. sleep regains it faster than rest, which regains it faster than just standing around.

How do I devote to a deity?
First pass level five. Then, type HELP DEITY to see a list of deities you can devote to. For more detail type HELP [deityname] to find out about that deity and what they stand for. Once you have made your choice, type DEVOTE [the deity you want to devote to].