Basic Command List

This is a list of very basic commands in Sabrous. It is not at all a complete list, these are just the basics to learn to play!

Basics + Keeping Alive + Moving Around + Items + Fighting + Talking + Customizing Yourself


look- the look command shows the room you are currently in, including all objects (visible) and all people. You can use this at any time. It will also show you all VISABLE exits. keep in mind that some exits will be hidden or closed. This is why you should READ the room description. Look will not work if you are blinded or sleeping. You may also look at people or monsters. This will show a little about them, such as what they are wearing and their description.
COMMAND- look (or 'look (person)')

gold- shows you how much gold you are carrying.

score- shows you detailed information about your character, such as level, age, hp, armor, stats and more.
COMMAND- score

level- shows you how much XP you need to your next level, and your current XP.
COMMAND- level

who- shows a list of all current players in the MUD.

whois- brings up detailed information on any given character.
COMMAND- whois (name)


drink- drinks liquid when you are thirsty. you can drink from ponds or rivers, but also from any liquid you may have purchased. drinking will keep you from dying of thirst and let you restore HP faster.
COMMAND- drink (object)

eat- eating saves you from starving to death and also allows you to sleep and restore HP faster. you have to buy or get food. you can try eating anything, but common sense ought to tell you what you can and can't put in your mouth.
COMMAND- eat (object)

rest- this sits you down and begins to regain your hp, mp and move points slowly. you can still talk and look around while resting.

sleep- similar to resting, only it regains your points faster. If you are starving or dying of thirst, you will be woken from your sleep.
COMMAND- sleep

wake- rouses you (or someone else) from sleep or rest.
COMMAND- wake or wake (name)


e, w, n, s, u, d...- These are exit directions. If your LOOK shows an exit to the 'east' you need only type 'e' or 'east' to go in that direction. Sometimes you will need a certain ability or spell to go in a direction, such as climb or fly. Exits also sometimes have variables such as 'enter' or 'leave.'
COMMAND- (any direction)

open (door, e, w, n...) - the open command is used when an exit in a direction is closed. If the exit is a door, typing 'open door' will do it. likewise 'open gate' 'open e' 'open trapdoor' etc etc etc, as any given case may be. Sometimes, doors are locked and can not be opened without a key.
COMMAND - open (direction or name)

unlock/lock (door, e, w, n...) - if you have the key to a locked door, you may lock or unlock it.
COMMAND - lock (direction or name) or unlock (direction or name)


Get- picks up an item lying on the ground (or in a bag.) and puts it into your inventory. If you see a spoon, typing 'get spoon' will pick it up if you can lift it. getting items out of a dead monster is as simple as typing 'get all cor' If there is more than one of the item on the screen and you want to get the second (or third or fourth) one, type 'get' or 'get all 3.cor'
COMMAND- get (all, (item name)) or get (item name) (object) or get (number).(item) or get all (number).(object)

List- when in a shop, this displays a list of all items for sale, the level that you can buy them at and the cost. The cost and level fluctuate slightly from time to time.

Buy- when in a shop, you can buy items within your level range and use them. Buying food, drinks, armor and weapons is essential to leveling up. There are also many other strange things you can buy.
COMMAND- buy (item) or buy (number) (item)

Inv- this shows a list of the items in your inventory. You can use all of these as need be.

Wear / Equip - this is used for putting on armor and other objects you may buy. It is very basic, and the object will automatically know where to go on your person.
COMMAND- equip (item) or equip all or wear (item) or wear all

Rem- this removes an object or all objects from your body and puts them into your inventory.
COMMAND- rem (item) or rem all

compare- this compares two items, usually one you are wearing against one in your inventory. It gives you a basic idea of which is better than the other.
COMMAND- compare (item)

drop- this command takes something in your inventory and drops it on the ground. Anyone can pick it up now and it will disappear after reboot. Do not drop things and expect to come back to them a week later. Once you drop something, it is fair game.
COMMAND- drop (item) or drop all


kill - will begin an attack on any given monster or person that you have defined. Keep in mind that you WILL take damage during a fight. The other fight commands help avoid getting in over your head. Only deadly characters can kill player characters. After completing a battle, you will receive XP and spoils.
COMMAND- kill (name)

Con - considers the enemy. it will give you a general idea of how hard they are to fight.
COMMAND- con (name)

glance - lets you get a quick look at how close to dying you (or a monster or another person) are.
COMMAND - glance (name)

flee - the last ditch effort to escape a battle you can not win. When you flee you will lose experience. Also when you flee, the monster will begin to 'hate' you and so if it finds you again will begin attacking you. If you plan on fleeing, go very far away from the monster.
COMMAND - flee (direction)


say- say speaks to characters who are in the same room as you. nobody outside the room can hear say, but everyone inside the room can.
COMMAND- say (your message)

chat- the OOC channel. this is MUD-wide, so players anywhere at any time, awake or asleep can hear it.
COMMAND- chat (your message)

shout- this is a MUD wide non-ooc channel. characters sleeping can not hear a shout.
COMMAND- shout (your message)

tell- like a 'whisper' or 'private message' this enables two characters to speak to one another privately.
COMMAND- tell (name) (your message)

yell- a middle ground between shout and say, this is an area-wide channel. for example, if you use it in the desert, only other characters in the desert can hear you.
COMMAND- yell (your message)

emote- an emote is used to add an action that you do. for example, 'emote dances a dance.' would read 'aikio dances a dance.' however, there are plenty of SOCIALS that can be used in stead of an emote.
COMMAND- emote (your emote)


bio- this allows you to create a bio for your character. it appears when people use whois on you. you can make it as complicated or non-complicated as you like. it opens a writing buffer. the buffer does NOT wrap around. a line down and /s will save your bio.

desc- this enables you to set a small description for yourself. When players look at you, this is what they see. the same rules apply as to the bio command.

title- this sets the text after your name. The text will reset on each level, so you will have to reset it frequently. IE 'aikio the light-splitter' where 'the light-splitter' is her title.
COMMAND- title (your title)