About Sabrous

Sabrous has been online since 2003, having changed hosts many, many times. It is currently in a state of staisis, with new areas rarely being added. It contains thousands of rooms worth of text and dozens of areas built from scratch for you to explore. Many of the species available for play are home brew creations and original species.

Sabrous is entirely text based and does not require visual proficency to interact with.

In its current iteration, Sabrous uses only areas built by Tochi, Preed and Aikio. Area pitch submissions are considered, but no unsolicited area submissions are allowed.

Any issues that need moderator attention can be forwarded to me, z@demon-sushi.com.

Player Resources

-> Maps Directory
-> THE GUIDE + Kentrin's basic newbie guide. (download the .zip 1.73mb)
->Command List + a list of pretty basic commands that you will want to use
->FAQ + the general FAQ
->The Carrier Pigeon Timetable

The Lore....

ong, Long ago, the Earth gave birth to a child. This child was Sabrous, a world much younger than its mother but much like it. Earth, however, had never had a child before and could not govern it alone. Thus, Earth created the Moon and Sun (Evil and Good) to guide her child. What none of the three deities expected, however, was that Sabrous should have its own children -Myches, Humans, Nikitaks, Lizardmen, Cyphers and the others. Seeing there was much more work to be done with Sabrous than they had the time or the ability to handle, the deities began creating gods to delegate their duties to. These gods roam Sabrous amidst the mortals, working to ensure balance- though, not always peace.

New citizens find themselves in the desert city of North Tek, a central hub and home of the Sabrecat species. While all the peoples of Sabrous live in peace, it is tenious and not all peoples' have the same quality of life or standards of morality. The other two major cities, Ew Ork and Valburg, have their own ghosts and mysteries to solve.

In Sabrous, some creatures have grown enormous with the powerful magic of the Gods influencing them. Giant insects traverse wasteland and field, worms ferry travellers underground and a goliath pigeon takes to the air on a regular timetable. But rumor has it that artifacts found scattered across the lands suggest there is more than simply the will of the gods causing the changes in Sabrousian biology...