Rainbow Cemetery is peeking out of a well, welcoming you!

Join Our Webring

If you would like to join the demo RainRing, a webring for sites making webrings (&RainRing enthusiests), please read this page!

Apply to Join

Your Contact Details:
Your Site URL (link):

Either use the form (wip) or send an email to: cial@deathsticks.org w the subject RainRing.

Put this code to your site

Place this code or one like it (edits to it are allowed, just keep the links in tact) on your site where others can easily find it. Before being added to the webring, I will check to make sure the site has the code somewhere on it. If I can't find it, you won't get added!
If you need to drastically edit the code, please just be sure to keep its shortname (RainRing) and Four Core Links.

Why, you don't even need to be running a RainRing code on your site to join RainRing! Maybe you're just kickin around the idea of running a webring on this code. Maybe you just talk about web dev a lot! That's good enough! Maybe you wrote an article about webrings, and think it'd be cool if your article was indexed in a webring. That'd be amazing! As long as the code is on your site & its tangentally related to the topic here (webrings) we're good.

So easy!

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