Rainbow Cemetery is peeking out of a well, welcoming you!

Webrings are back, Baby!

Hello there! This is the hub for RainRing, a free, simple webring hosting code developed by Rainbow Cemetery. Webrings are lightweight code that enable users to submit and create a database of similarly themed and linked websites online.

Who can Moderate/Operate a webring?

Using the RainRing code, anyone with a basic grasp of html AND a webhost can install and run RainRing to start up your own webring. For any subject!

Who can Join a webring?

Anywhere that allows for the addition of a little custom code! This includes things like a tumblr, an itch.io, a personal website, a blog, a carrd...Anything that allows for basic custom html or css can join a webring. Can you have 4 links in a row? Cool, you can join webrings!

How do I start a webring?

First, you need a concept. Are you making a ring for cat blogs? zines? comics? roleplayers? I'm sure you've already got ideas!

Second, you will need to Download RainRing (19~kb .zip)
Follow the included Read Me instructions to install it on your website in a subdirectory.
You can change the layout/images for the link code, add a TOS, create an applicant form- whatever you feel like doing to moderate your new webring.

Third, you need a few friends who will join your ring! The more people who join and display the ring code on their site, the more people will see it and may apply to grow your webring. Anime Web Turnpike, move on over!

That's it, that's a webring! Mods review and add new sites as they are submitted and make sure the code is visible on members' sites so the "ring" remains unbroken and folks can surf from site to site.

All for free! Muwahahaha...!

Already running a webring?

Join the RainRing! Even if you aren't using our code, all webrings* are welcome!
[join our (demo) ring!]

Like RainRing?
Support Rainbow Cemetery, the dev and coder!
Or me, her webdev, distributor, illustrator & pal!
We want RainRing to stay free & accessible. Forever!
*RainRing has been designed to bring & joy & fun times & organization back to the internet and is not meant to be used to connect hateful folks or spread hateful ideology. Using the RainRing code to promote hate and bigotry is a direct violation of the coder's stated TOS and mission.