The WANTED List!
This is the portion of the museum that can only get smaller. Here is where pokémon toys which I do not have are housed, waiting for a great person to point me to an auction or give them to me or sell them to me. REMEMBER! The Museum's goal is to have a COMPLETE Mewtwo plush collection! I can't do that without your help!

PLEASE KNOW! Right now I am ONLY interested in collecting plush!


Reversible Variant Tomy Plush
Most Likely Found On: No idea!
Some of these are untagged, and while I have a variation (keychain, non-reversible) I'd like the zipper version that turns into a pokedoll. Just for the heck of it all!
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ULTRA MEGA GIANT Play-by-Play mewtwo
Most Likely Found On: ebay...?
this is kind of a low priority for my collection, but like, why not right??
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Bootleg KEYCHAIN Pokedoll Mewtwo
Most Likely Found On: ???
aliexpress had hundreds of different pokedoll knock-offs, but one i really regret not being able to find was the extra teeny tiny sized one with a keychain backpack clip thing on it. someday!!!!
Bigger Image: None :O
While I am looking for rare/promo TCG mewtwos, i'm not looking to buy/trade thru this website at this time.

If you have something you think I may want, please contact me by email! I'll be glad to pay for it, though my wallet DOES have its limits. Contact me at Z @ DEMON-SUSHI . COM

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