Links and Thanks
Special Thanks to...

Sunyshore + for being my Japan best pokémon buddy <3

The Twisted Spoon + for being a spectacular resource for all mewtwo merch!

The Mewtwo Codex + another great mewtwo merch resource, if a bit of a lucario hater

PKMNcollectors @ livejournal + for helping me find some of the rarest mewtwo plush out there! + for having the complete pokédex right there.

Bulbapedia + for being THE pokémon wiki.

Donphan.Social + for being the pokemon centered microblogging platform I adore

The Team Rocket Message Board of the 90s for teaching me to accept what you can't change (i wanted to rp psychic guild!) and find unexpected power and joy all around you (i love poison, bug and dark types now lol)

The now-defunct MewHeart website for creating the background & several many of the site graphics i used

Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company for just existing.

.....And to YOU! Thanks for stopping by!

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