FAQ and Bio
ICARUS (he/him) is a Mewtwo collector and has been for most of the franchise timeline.

Icarus lived in Japan for a time in his 20s and loved going to the Pokemon centers in Yokohama and Tokyo. Now he lives in the USA.

For a living, Icarus draws art and makes comics.

Icarus is over 30 years old and enjoys working out, hiking (Pokemon Go!) and creating things for people to enjoy.

Icarus does a sci-fi webcomic, and sometimes dresses up like a Nidoking named Foolhardy.

Yes Icarus does.

.....Frequently Asked Questions

How many Mewtwos do you have?
Fewer than I used to. In terms of plush alone as of 2021 I have over 50.

Who did the artwork and stuff for this site?
The art on the main page (the currator) is my own. The rest of the artwork comes primarily from Mewheart, a free pokemon graphics site that has since shut down.

Do you play every Pokemon game?
I play a lot of them, but games are expensive! I like the main pokemon RPG series, and I loved pokepark. More pokepark games please!!

Why do you like Mewtwo so much?
One of my huge secret loves is genetic tinkering. I love the idea of clones or modifying something in a laboratory, and I have for years. When I found the Cinnabar labs in Blue and read about Mewtwo, I thought that was just the coolest thing ever. I also figured Mewtwo was female (One of the notes read "Mew gave birth," which would indicate a female Mew and thus a female Mewtwo) so until the movie came out I was adamant about Mewtwo being a girl. With the movie came another of my not-so-secret loves, existentialism. It was a two for two and I loved psychic pokémon to boot so there you go. Gender issues and existential crisis.

Is there like, purple all over your house and do you like wear Mewtwo stuff outdoors and all that?
My mewtwo stuff is confined to my art studio, where I built a little shelf for them. I'm not a fan of most of the mewtwo design shirts, so I don't think I've ever worn mewtwo stuff.

Do you like purple?
Not really, though I use it a lot in my art especially for dark or slightly out of focus things.

What's with the garrish green table/wall/backdrop?
Hey. I liked my garrish green. My biggest regret was leaving my green table behind in Japan. i find that especially for photos of mewtwo, bright green makes the white and purple both pop really nice.

Why a Nidoking costume? What's with Foolhardy?
foolhardy is the name of my nidoking in pokemon go (i found him in the middle of the road in a rainstorm) and when i saw Apoxon Industries list a premade nidoking hoodie for sale, i leapt on the chance to put together a pokesona of him. I made the mask myself tho lol

Are you one of those people who likes Mewtwo that way? D:

Do you have other fandoms/other things you collect?
Sometimes I collect bug pokemon plush! I also collect Glameow plush.

Would you be willing to trade/sell something from your collection?
Things from the defunct collections may or may not still be in my posession, but I'm at this time unwilling to trade any of my plush mewtwos!

I have a plush I didn't see on your site! Will you buy it/trade for it?
PROBABLY. E-mail me and let's find out :D

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