Welcome to the Mewtwo Museum! If you're a fan of Mewtwo, or just another pokémon collector who likes looking at toys, we hope you'll enjoy your stay.

WARNING: This is a GRAPHIC HEAVY website!!

The Museum started in the late 1990s when Icarus hit Cinnabar Island in Pokémon Blue. Ever since then, the collection has grown. At a certain point, money and space dictated focus narrow onto plush and cards.

The goal of the Museum is to form a complete collection and complete list of every mewtwo plush ever widely distributed. As of 2021, the plush collection is (temporarily) complete! The older mewtwo photos of older toys I used to own are still available, i am no longer collecting Everything Mewtwo. Some other folks who are can be found in my Links section! The Museum is currently located in rural Massachusetts, USA. It is open to the online public

Enjoy your stay within the Museum of Psychic Clones! :3

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