Cards for Roxy

please send a card to my stepsister, Roxanne!

who is roxanne?

ms. roxanne blackwell is a young lady in her late 20s living in rural alabama w her mom and stepdad (that's my dad). she also has downs syndrome.

she loves being social and interacting with people, and pandemic has really upset that for her. it's been tough.
getting mail makes her happy, and helps her feel like there's still a world out there waiting for her to make her grand return!

what kind of cards?

they can be seasonal, home made, store bought, postcards etc.

the type of card is largely irrelevent to the thrill of getting mail.
roxanne's reading level is... maybe 2nd or 3rd grade? she will ask for help reading, so don't worry too much about it.

but she likes the kind of things teen girls would like in terms of like, if you want to draw a picture or cover it in stickers or whatever.
unicorns and puppies and such.
or whatever holiday is coming. she loves whatever the next holiday is.

what else can i send?

please stick to cards.

though idk the ocassional teen/celeb mag or coloring book wouldn't go amiss.
she has supervision w the mail... beyond that of her 2 dogs.
use common sense...just send her cards lol

where do i send them?

contact if youre visually impaired and want to send a card

Thank you so much!