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I'm known as Icarus, Tochi, Not-Fun and Syd. I like to draw. I also like to make websites. Sometimes, I even make comics.

I prefer Batman to Superman and Coke to Pepsi. I also prefer viewers like you to anyone else.

I am a PC user. I prefer alcohol based markers, watercolours and inks to my tablet. Most of what I've learned, I learned by watching my grandmother. Artists I admire are Takashi Murakami and Sam Kieth.

In my spare time, I like to read anything available. I also enjoy playing a videogame with my friends where we all shoot zombies together. I like terrible b-movies.

I've lived in Japan and loved it. I've lived in Australia and did not love it. Currently, I live in Massachusetts in the United States with my spouse and my monster (pictured right). I love this as well. I am 29.

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